Why The Ghost of Freeborn John?

Freeborn John
Welcome to the Ghost of Freeborn John

Welcome to the Ghost of Freeborn John, where we believe in speaking truth to power and fighting for justice in a world of corruption and injustices.

My dear readers, today we gather to pay homage to a man who stood against the tyrannical forces of his time. A man who fought for the rights of the common people against the ruling class. A man who believed in the power of democracy, free speech, and civil liberties. I speak, of course, of none other than John Lilburne, also known as Freeborn John.

John Lilburne was a champion of democracy, free speech, and civil liberties. He believed that every person, regardless of their station in life, deserved to have a voice and a say in how they were governed. He was the leader of the Levellers, a movement that fought for the rights of ordinary people against the tyranny of the ruling class.

For the sake of transparency let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Knaggs, Some readers may know me from my blog Labour Heartlands where I keep readers up to date with news, views and opinions, however, as a descendant of the famous Leveller family and being a 1st cousin 11x removed of this great man, I feel it is my duty to honour his legacy and continue his fight for justice and equality. For too long, the voices of the people have been silenced by those in power. For too long, the ruling class has oppressed and marginalised those who they deemed beneath them. But Freeborn John and the Levellers knew that this was not right, and they fought tirelessly to ensure that every person had a voice and a say in their own governance.

In the tradition of my ancestors, I will be relating the news, views, and opinions in the style of Freeborn John, mimicking the old English he used in the many pamphlets he put out to spread the word about freedom of speech and democracy.

Today, we find ourselves still grappling with many of the same issues that plagued John Lilburne’s time. We see rampant corruption, injustice, and inequality all around us. But we must remember that the fight for justice is ongoing, and we must continue to carry the torch that Freeborn John lit so many years ago. We must demand that our voices are heard and respected, that our civil liberties are protected, and that our democracy is upheld.

It is my firm belief that every one of us has a duty to fight for what is right and just, to stand up to oppression, and to demand equality and fairness for all. We must never forget the legacy of Freeborn John and the Levellers, and we must always strive to honour their memory by continuing the fight for justice.

So my dear readers, let us stand together in solidarity and continue the fight for a better world. Let us honour the legacy of Freeborn John by speaking truth to power, and demanding a world that is fair, just, and equal for all.

Paul knaggs